KARHU is proud to introduce the newest addition to its lifestyle collection, the Fusion XT. Inspired by the KARHU XT from the mid 90s, the Fusion XT gets its namesake from “cross-training” roots.

Back in the day, KARHU’s diverse line of product offerings expanded beyond running to feature a rich assortment of court shoes and accessories. The brand-new Fusion XT looks to honour this unique part of KARHU’s heritage.

Karhu US

Throughout the creative process, the KARHU design team consulted our back catalogues and was struck by several models from the 90s. The iconic M-logo and overlay side panels adorning the Fusion XT take design notes from the 1996 Fusion. For increased security and on-foot comfort, the specialized upper includes a heel stabilizer and fixed tongue. We’ve also taken inspiration from the 1993 KARHU Ultra and resurrected our unique Twin System Air Cushion for maximum comfort and all-day wear.

To bring this exciting new offering to life, the photoshoot for the Fusion XT tells the story of family and the rituals of sneaker culture. How to lace, style, and care for your sneakers is a passion and an art that parents and siblings across the globe wilfully teach and pass on to the younger generation with pride.

Karhu US

We look to keep this tradition of iconic style and heritage silhouettes alive with the introduction of the Fusion XT.

The Fusion XT launches on Friday, the 5th of July, in Bright White / Fiery Red and Cloud Dancer / Agate Grey. Get yours at select retailers worldwide and on